McAir Aviation offers you the largest fleet of Next Generation Aircraft at any Cessna Certified Pilot Center in the World!

In fact, our entire fleet is make up of Next Generation Cessna and Piper aircraft. So from your first Introductory Flight Lesson through your Airline Transport Pilot rating you'll train in the latest equipment. You see, we're committed to providing the highest caliber flight training available - and that means we have invested heavily in the most modern and safest fleet available anywhere. You won't see any "vintage" 25 - 30 year old aircraft on our flightline.

Decades Ahead of the Competition. Literally.

But what does that mean for you? Simple, training in new aircraft means you get more for you money. You will train in today's technology and master the latest and greatest. Our new aircraft provide you with a greater margin of safety and reliability, standardized training, and a comfortable learning environment. Our large fleet of quality aircraft gives you greater ease of scheduling and fewer lesson cancellations due to scheduled maintenance inspections. The result is efficient flight training that will last you a lifetime and carry you into your future aviation career.