The Redbird MCX is the ideal training platform providing enhanced training from student pilot to professional crew.

The dual controls of the MCX allow an instructor, instructor-in-training, or co-pilot to perform maneuvers from the right seat. During initial pilot training, an instructor can demonstrate maneuvers from the right seat before the student tries their hand, just like you would do in the real airplane.

Here’s how to put the RedBird to work for you and save $$$$:

The big advantage is to use it to introduce new procedures, and perfect maneuvers prior to getting into the aircraft. On average, it takes about 52 hours of flight training to learn everything required to become a pilot. However, you don’t have to do all of that time in the airplane; you can fly the simulator at less than half the cost. Just as your Cessna Training Materials introduce you to new concepts through the use of videos prior to getting into the aircraft, the simulator can be a cost effective means to learn and perfect procedures at a substantial cost savings. Just like flight time in an aircraft, all simulator time is logged in your logbook with one exception; the FAA requires you to be with an instructor. Your total simulator time will also apply to your future ratings and certificates. For instance, between 20 to 50 hours of simulator time will apply towards your Commercial Certificate and 100 hours will apply towards your Airline Transport Certificate. It’s all good!